Unit #1 : Nail Enhancements

£160 per 3.5hr session

£50 deposit required when booking

One class lasts approx. 3.5 hours:

*45min introduction/demo on one of your hands

*1.5hr practice on artificial hand with guidance

*1hr observation & final practice on your own hand

We will cover:

*preparing nails for enhancement



*applying acrylic

*how to use e-file/how to hand file acrylic

*painting TECHNIQUE

*product knowledge


*Ombre acrylic ​(for more advanced students)

Remember to bring in a photo of your most recent set of nails, so we can track/document your progress!

After successfully completing your class you will receive a 'Certificate of Completion' with the FNGR’D seal of approval to go out into the big wide world of clawz & start killin’ it & also the opportunity to join the elite FNGR'D Reserve Team!

Keep in mind, completing this course will not provide you with a license, if you wish to become a fully qualified nail technician you will need to attend a registered school offering an NVQ in Nail Technology.

If you wish to continue practising at home between classes, I can offer you information on where to purchase high-quality products.


Sessions are available on Sundays and Mondays only, contact me with your desired date and I will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule you in.

TEXT/WHATSAPP: 07493544914