Our Team

FNGR'D began as a one woman mission, but now we are a flourishing team of 4.

All of our team are experienced nail technicians, however, each technician has their speciality and they only offer treatments that they have been intensely trained in and have been given the stamp of approval to perform by our CEO, Faith. 

Have a swipe through the slideshow to meet our team and to see some images of the work that they have produced.

When booking appointments, you may be placed with any technician who is trained to provide that treatment. Be assured that which ever technician you are seen by will provide you with a high standard treatment.

However, if you wish to make a special staff request, you can do so by contacting us via phone or email and we will try to accommodate this if our schedule allows.

There will be a £10 fee added to your final bill for special staff requests.

abt team.png