FNGR’D has been a 1 woman show since its launch in 2015.

Due to the growing increase in the demand for high quality, on trend nail designs over the years, Faith is now ready to welcome a handful of talented & passionate nail enthusiasts to the team!

FNGR’D is often commissioned to take part in various industry events, fashion shows, call-out jobs around London & treating celebrity clients, along with also being fully booked in the neo-nail studio on most days.

This is where the Reserve Team comes in!

This team will work almost like an agency.

Paid jobs will be posted into a group conversation with all team members present, at these jobs you will be representing FNGR'D Nail Services. If you are interested & available, the job is yours!

Expect jobs like:

Job: Pedicurist needed Sat 3rd Oct 12-7pm

Pay: 50% of pedicure payments

Job: Assist with Celeb client, prepping for full set,

needed Tomorrow 10am

 Pay: £40 1hr of work


To secure your spot as a member of the FNGR’D Reserve Team you will need to have your FNGR’D Unit #1 Certificate of Completion, or be a fully qualified nail technician/manicurist/pedicurist with at least 1 year of experience in the industry.


Before you are accepted into the team a brief trades test will take place.

To apply:

Please email your CV & brief cover letter to fngrdfaith@gmail.com and allow 72 hours for a response.