Can I get a refund of my deposit?

- Deposits are strictly non-refundable & non-transferable. The only exception is if the appointment is cancelled by the fault of FNGR'D.

Keep in mind there is only one nail tech at FNGR'D, I work by pre-booked appointments and the demand is very high. The deposit is insurance for FNGR'D in case of a short notice cancellation, as it is often difficult to fill last minute openings.

I’ve already booked, Can I add something to my treatment?

- You can make changes to your booking (subject to availability) up to 20 hours prior to your appointment.

Contact 'Faith' via whatsapp/text on 07493544914, send her your request and she will get back to you ASAP.

My nail broke/smudged etc.

FNGR'D provides a 7-day no-fuss warranty where you are entitled to complimentary repairs (permitting the fault is that of FNGR'D due to the application, e.g. lifting, loss of crystals/embellishments.

Doesn't include environmental damages, e.g. broken nails due to manual activity, smudged nails or staining) for repairs due to environmental factors, you will be subject to a £2 fee. In case of issues with set please continue to the booking page and schedule yourself in for a 'repair', no deposit required.


 I need to reschedule/cancel my appointment

You can make changes to your booking (subject to availability) up to 20 hours prior to your appointment. To reschedule, go to the confirmation email sent to you after you booked your appointment, click the icon that says 'reschedule' and follow prompts.

To cancel appointments or make changes to desired treatment, please contact 'Faith' asap via whatsapp/text on 07493544914 to inform her.


I am running late for my appointment.

- All clients have a strict 10min grace period. If you are over 10 mins late and I am still able to see you, there will be a £5 late fee added to your bill, as I often offer compensation to clients who's appointments I have been made late for.

 However, depending on availability, at 10 mins late your treatment may have to be cancelled or altered, cancellations result in the loss of your deposit.

Can I please bring my child? I promise to keep an eye on them.

- Strictly no unsupervised small children for health and safety reasons. (Under age 10). You can not supervise while you are having your nails done as I need both of your hands for the duration of the treatment, if you wish to bring a child you will also need to bring a responsible supervisor.

Small children under the age of 5 aren't permitted in the studio at all for health and safety reasons due to fumes.